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The project has been designed to promote safe driving and improve the way we drive. Some workshops and conferences are...

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Some training is organized by the NoE Humanist project for development of the professionals in the road transport sector...

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Join the program of activities A joint program of activities is developed to help to develop the European Virtual Centre, the...

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Humanist Network of Excellence is a project for improving driving techniques and safety through automation and artificial intelligence. It is sponsored by the Directorate General of Information Society of the European Commission. The project is worth €5,360,000. The objective of this project is to facilitate the task of driving while improving the overall safety of travel. Navigation system will help the driver in finding a particular route without moving haphazardly; real-time meteorological information will let the driver avoid critical situations. There is adaptive cruise control so that the car can maintain safe headway and lower the drivers’ level of stress. Some active assistance systems can help during unexpected situations.
One thing researchers are worried about is whether the drivers’ attitude will change and whether they will adapt to the new system. The automatic systems are now able to take control of everything that the driver had to do manually before. This lets people choose between human and machines. The logic used for managing the sharing of control of the vehicle is also questionable. More Human Sciences must be incorporated in the different stages of the system. The assistance must be designed depending on the human needs instead of the technologies offer.
Research capacities must be integrated into Europe to get positive results. About 22 research institutes have joined to form the NoE Humanist project. Some workshops, conferences, and training have been arranged so that the drivers get accustomed to the new system. This project will be successful only if the drivers accept these changes and apply them in real life situations. Research is going on continuously to improve the system and includes more human element in it. Hopefully, this approach will help the drivers to drive comfortably and safely.
There are a number of automotive manufacturers already making and selling driverless vehicles however testing shows the project to make this a widespread technology is still well in its infancy. The Humanist Network of Excellence aims to research and make publicly available all findings and new technologies so that we can enjoy a safer future on our roads.

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