Toby Hart
Toby Hart – Owner/Blogger

With the innovation in technology, the transport sector has transformed. The availability of information about the driver and improved communications systems has changed the driving task today. Many innovative systems have been implemented in the vehicles, and some advanced driver assistance systems are in place. These systems let the driver access different functions to help during driving and improve the safety of travel. The navigation system is an example of this; it allows drivers to lower their attention level towards finding the right path and instead focus more on driving safely.

NoE Humanist is a European project whose objective is to combine researches done in the user-system interactions with the application on driver assistance systems and road telematics. This will form a European Virtual Centre of Excellence for road transport based on the human-centric design for Information Society Technologies.

NoE Humanist will improve the driving conditions and increase the awareness of practicing safe driving. The developments in the fields of driver assistance systems and road telematics can help the mobility and improve road safety. To know more about this project, please visit our site.