The project has been designed to promote safe driving and improve the way we drive. Some workshops and conferences are organized to inform people about it and make them understand how the various features of the project can help.

Modelling Driver Behavior in Automotive Environments

Date:25th May 2016 – 27th May 2016
Venue: Ispra, Italy
This workshop is sponsored by JRC, Ispra. This workshop will help drivers to improve their driving techniques. The drivers will learn how to adjust their driving skills according to the environment in which they are driving. They will learn how to drive safe in any environmental or driving condition.

Pan-European Workshop

Date: 22nd February 2016
Venue: Hanover, Germany
About 50 external users will participate in this workshop. The workshop is designed to let the participants understand the Network Concept. Users’ feedback will also be taken to improve the project in future.

Safety Impact of Road Telematics and Driver Assistance Systems

Date: 13th June – 14th June 2016
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
There will be five renowned lecturers from European research centers. They will conduct the workshop and share their knowledge on road safety. There will be presentations and displays showing the development of new technologies that will transform the practices and uses in transport.

Conference on Drivers needs about ITS

Date: 3rd June – 4th June 2016
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
This conference is organized by UTL, Lisbon. The conference will focus on the drivers’ roles in connection to ITS. The conference will help drivers to know about the various technologies that can be used in driving.

These workshops and conferences will help people learn more about the NoE Humanist project and apply the innovations and techniques in their everyday driving.